Why I Voted for Donald Trump

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(Originally Posted in November of 2016)

If you haven’t read Kelly Quelette’s four reasons why she is voting for Trump, check it out here.

To quickly summarize what she said:

1. Donald Trump wants to protect our country by making all immigrants come in legally, so that they may be vetted, and deemed safe. Hillary wants to grant Amnesty to illegal aliens in our country.

2. Donald Trump will be good for our economy, because he will treat our country as a business. He’s a businessman, not a bought-out-politician. His economic plans will lower taxes for most Americans. Check this website to see what his plan will do for you personally.

3. Donald Trump will likely nominate the next five Supreme Court Justices. That means that the court will be be a majority of right thinkers. Kelly stresses that this is the most important reason to vote for him. Justices interpret the constitution, which ultimately determines the dynamics of the laws of the land.

4. Donald Trump is Pro-Life. He does not advocate mothers being forced to carry their baby to term if it is life threatening to her; He does advocate for people to be more careful in their decisions, and to not make an unborn baby suffer the consequences of the decisions that his/her mother and father made.

Now to add to her reasons, here are mine. 
5. Donald Trump is being heavily censored by the media. Snapchat won’t accept filters that are ‘Pro-Trump’ but they will accept filters that are ‘Pro-Hillary’ (See that here). The hashtag #HillaryForPrison wasn’t going viral, so Twitter users tweaked it to #HillaryForPrision and it immediately began to trend (Read more here). That doesn’t even begin to cover television news channels, and all the extra airtime Donald Trump gets to be bashed compared to Hillary (that info can be found here) even though Hillary is under an FBI investigation and he is not.

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6. Donald Trump makes a boatload of money. He already doesn’t pay federal taxes. If he wanted to use the federal government for special favors, he would have donated to the Clinton Foundation, and she would have slipped him his reward under the table (click here to see the countries the Clinton Foundation has accepted donations from). But he didn’t do that. Trump would financially be better off to work on his companies, than to waste his time as President. He isn’t in it for the money, or to someday avoid paying taxes. Donald Trump has nothing to gain from running and becoming president. He and his family are now under constant scrutiny. His willingness to endure all this makes me believe he’s in this to better our country.

7. Donald Trump does not have conspiracy body count (See her body count here) . You can’t take conspiracy theories to the bank, and I understand that. However, who the hell overdoses on mouthwash, before they should testify against Hillary Clinton? Robert Bates, Barry Seal’s aircraft mechanic at Mena. Who shoots himself in the chest, twice, using two guns, leaving two suicide notes (neither of which were released) on lunch break, right before an interview with Newsweek? Admiral Jeremy Boorda, the Chief of Naval Operations. The estimated Clinton Body count is 47 people (more information on that here).

8. Donald Trump does not own or operate the Clinton Foundation. The Clinton Foundation has illegally accepted huge sums of money from countries that regularly harbors terrorists, oppressed women, and executes and/or tortures gays and rape victims. The Clinton Foundation puts less than 10% of its funds towards Charities. The remainder of the funds, goes to payroll and unnamed expenses. The proof is in the Clinton’s filings with the IRS (click this link to see that).

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9. Donald Trump is not Hillary Clinton. 

– Trump did not ignore the Benghazi calls for 13 Hours.

– Trump did not defend a child rapist (more information here).

– Trump does not take pride in the NRA being his largest enemy (learn more here). Keep in mind, this ‘enemy’ is an organization that is comprised by five million Americans. Donald Trump was actually the fastest candidate for the NRA to endorse (see that here).

– Trump is not bringing a past president (who was impeached!) into the Whitehouse with him (learn more about Bill Clinton’s impeachment here).

– Trump does not claim he dedicated his life to public service, yet have two multimillion dollar mansions and a net worth of thirty one billion (see that here and here). Gandhi certainly didn’t die a comfortable billionaire, so how are the Clintons doing it?

– Trump did not call inner city blacks “super predators” and he did not call a fellow man a “fucking Jew bastard” (see those here and here).

– Trump did not put his country at risk with classified emails on a personal (at risk) server. And, when confronted about it, he did not delete 33,000 of said emails (see that here).

– Trump was not caught rigging one of the debates by knowing the questions he would be asked beforehand (learn more here).
10. Donald Trump shares a lot of qualities with past successful presidents (such as Ronald Reagan).

11. Donald Trump wants to repeal Obamacare. Yes, the national healthcare system did force 11.3 million more people get health insurance, but it also raised rates 25% (see here) and the deductibles are typically $3000, but up to $6000 (see here) something that the average middle to lower class person just cannot afford.

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These are my most basic, obvious reasons for my decision to vote Trump this election. If you haven’t already voted, make sure you get out on or before November 8th and do so. If you don’t vote, or if you vote 3rd Party, you’re forfeiting your right to complain about the next United States President. Comment your reasons for your candidate picks below, and explain why. Be civil! As always, thank you for reading!