Money is Freedom, and Time is Priceless. Let’s Create More of That.

Right now, you’re probably in at least one of the following three situations:

  1. Money is tight, you’re stuck living paycheck to paycheck, the bills keep tumbling in, and you feel like you’re suffocating.
  2. You’re stressed, busy, overwhelmed, undervalued, and under appreciated.
  3. Your dream life feels as though it’s miles upon miles away, and you’re struggling to find your purpose.

If any one of those three statements applies to you, you’ve come to the right place.

You’re so Close, but You Need a Little Help

You’re a brilliant person. You have big dreams, fiery passions, and great potential- but you’re just feeling stuck. Stuck with your money problems, stuck in your busywork, and feeling so distant from where you ‘should be’. From where I’m standing, it looks like you’re extremely close to breaking through, and living your dream life. Problem is, there’s a heaping pile of garbage, and an information gap, standing in your way.

You don’t need a condescending snob to dumb it down for you. You just need someone who cares enough about you to help you take out the trash, and provide that missing link.

I want to be your garbage man, who also makes bridging the gap, possible.

Hello, my name is Sarah, and I’m Here for You

I created Diamonds N’ Denim specifically for you, and other people just like you. I am sick and tired of the condescending speeches, the expensive courses, and the overall lack of real help out there. Living your dream life shouldn’t be this difficult.  Simply put, here’s what I want to help you do:

  1. Recognize what you want from this life (dream big).
  2. Cut out what’s unnecessary (take up some degree of minimalist mindset).
  3. Create Financial Freedom (become financially savvy).
  4. Live your Dream Life (live a purpose driven, impactful life, free from stress and busywork).

My Story

I was born in Northern Kentucky, raised in Southern Indiana, and I’m now purchasing land in Western Montana with my incredible husband, Devin.

As a kid, I grew up with horses, a creek, and chores that involved firewood, bailing hay, and feeding all my varying critters. When I was nine, my Dad was killed on Father’s Day in 2006. This was such a life changing experience for me, especially since I was so close to him, and thought he could do no wrong. I’m working to see the positive in this, forgive his murderer, and make my life more meaningful because I know how precious life is, and how quickly it can be over.

Throughout my school days, I basically exhausted myself to be the best I could through my grades and extra curricular activities . In high school I worked 40 hours a week mucking stalls, on top of being at school 8 hours a day. Some nights I cried myself to sleep out of sheer exhaustion. I wanted to become an Equine Vet so bad that I could taste it.

But during my senior year, something in me changed, and I began to lose steam. My heart was trying to tell me that this path wasn’t quite right, but my head refused to listen. I had put in too much time, and too much energy to go back now.

I Wanted to Make a Difference

My first semester of university started fine, but the more I listened to my heart, the more I realized I needed a change, and quickly (because time in college is money).

I have always wanted to improve the world somehow, someway. From the time I was five, all the way up until I turned eighteen, I thought that could be done as a veterinarian. I could cut my rates significantly to help more creatures and wallets, and I could educate the general public on better animal husbandry. I thought that would be enough, but God had a different plan for me.

Have you ever heard the saying “Pay Attention to what breaks your heart because chances are, that’s where God wants you to serve“?

That saying is part of what helped me recognize my purpose.

Watching my fellow friends and neighbors struggle financially, while putting in 70 hour work weeks, not getting to do what they love, with no real guidance or way out- broke my heart. 

Realizing that my own life may not be any different than theirs, was heart wrenching too. I didn’t want to struggle mentally, emotionally, and financially, to attend a university I didn’t love, for up to ten years, for a path I didn’t absolutely love. As a vet, I could be a shorter trip for a few equine people in emergencies, provide discounts for some, and employ a handful of people in my life– but that’s about it. We most certainly need someone to do all of those wonderful things, but I’m not the right person for that job.

Making Bold (TERRIFYING ) Moves

I desperately wanted to help people realize their worth, get a better hold of their finances, live simpler, and experience a better quality of life.

To accomplish this, I had to eat some humble pie, cut my losses, and take the leap of faith. I dropped out of college (that got the town gossip going) started projecting my voice through Diamonds N’ Denim, and living the lifestyle I’m promoting. It’s one that I love, one that I know will work, and one that I want to share with the world.

Along the way, I met someone. He was someone I instantly clicked with. Someone who I shared countless values, opinions and lifetime goals with. Someone who just ‘got’ me. He basically was (and is) the masculine version of who I am. We quickly realized we wanted the same things out of life, so we pursued them together, and got married.

What I’m up to Now

Though we married over a year ago, we’re still in that honeymoon phase. No one told us exactly when we’re supposed to end that, so we’ve decided to stay there. For 365 Days, we traveled the USA, seeing the 48 Continental States, and all the major cities (except for you, San Francisco and Miami), and I got my first book published. We’re now spending our winter at our Indiana home, giving it some TLC, learning how to coupon and stockpile, building our savings, starting on our early retirement plan (join my email list if you want the inside scoop on that), and enjoying all our time together. In the spring will resume the land search for our perfect Montana homestead. I’m blogging about our adventures and my financial research along the way, so be sure to follow my journey on Diamonds N’ Denim.

Thank you for reading, thank you for your encouragements, thank you for your criticisms, thank you for sharing, and most of all, thank you for embarking on this lifelong journey with me. 

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