25 Ways I’ve Turned into a Hippie (and saved a ton of money)

Become a Financial Genius

When Devin and I were first married, I did not consider myself ‘green,’ ‘eco-friendly’ or anything along the lines of a ‘hippie.’ So I guess I finally understand when couples say “I’ve had at least three marriages. They’ve just all been with the same person.” Well, bless Devin for accepting and even embracing his hippie wife.  …

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I've Already bought my last vehicle I'll ever need at age 21

I’m 21, and I’ve Already Bought My Last Vehicle

Become a Financial Genius Sarah's Thoughts Simple Living + Minimalism

If you know me at all, you know I’m a simple person, and that’s highly evident in my choice of wheels. In December 2013, at age 17, I bought what I hope to be the last vehicle I’ll ever need.  If you know me outside of my blog, you know that my last vehicle is nothing spectacular. Some …

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Wanna Save a Ton of Money, Become a Paid Tourist, and Strengthen Your Marriage? Drive a Semi.

Become a Financial Genius Love and Marriage Sarah's Thoughts Travels and Trucker Life

If you want to save (and make) some serious cash, do some traveling, and spend time with your spouse? Become a truck driver. I married Devin on October 15th of 2016, and we promptly jumped in a semi on October 24th. From October of 2016 to November of 2017, we were in that truck full …

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Save Up to $3,851 Every Year by Making These 5 DIY Products at Home

Save Up to $3,851 Every Year by Making These 5 DIY Products at Home

Become a Financial Genius Self Sustainability

#1 Laundry Detergent This laundry detergent is stupidly easy to make, and it’s really cost effective! All these ingredients cost me just under $15 and last my husband and myself for about 6 months. If you’re wondering, we do about one (1) to one and a half (1.5) loads of laundry every 7 days. A single person should …

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Every Diamonds N’ Denim Post Ever

Agriculture Become a Financial Genius Blogging + Freelancing Love and Marriage Sarah's Thoughts Simple Living + Minimalism Travels and Trucker Life

Diamonds N’ Denim has grown quite substantially over the past few years, making it increasingly more difficult to locate older posts. Instead of scrolling through archives, here’s a handy, all-on-one-page list. Of course, don’t forget about that nifty little search bar that’s to the side of or below this post (depending on if you’re viewing …

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6 Ways Millennials Can Have “Easy Money” like the Baby Boomers - Diamonds N' Denim

6 Ways Millennials Can Have Easy Money like the Baby Boomers

Become a Financial Genius Simple Living + Minimalism

Today’s post is one I’ve been avoiding for months, I know I’m gonna get some resentment / angry comments from this, but that’s okay. Past generations had it so easy, amiright? College was cheaper, jobs paid more, houses were cheaper, groceries were cheaper, and it just seems that a dollar went further. “Baby boomers had …

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