Abortion: Weighing the Pros and Cons

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A local farmer has a blue heeler farm dog, pregnant with 10 puppies. He didn’t know his beloved cattle dog, Missy, is pregnant until she’s just weeks away from birthing. The farmer calls his friends, family & tells people at the local feed store that Molly is pregnant & he needs to find her puppies homes. His neighbor’s son speaks for 1, an Amish on the other side of the county speaks for 2, a young couple living in town asks for 1 for them, and an additional 1 for their niece. 3 of the puppies are meant to go to the farmer’s grandchildren & their grandchildren’s friends. When Missy has her puppies, the people look them over and claim the puppies they want, before the puppies can even open their eyes or ears. The 2 puppies that are unclaimed and overlooked, are drowned in a water bucket. It’s efficient, painless, and it keeps the farmer from looking for more takers on the puppies. He doesn’t have to teach the puppies to stay out of the henhouse, or to leave the horses alone, or how to herd cows. It’s easy, and it saved him money in dog feed & supplies. The remaining puppies will be distributed to their new homes when they come of age. Is what the farmer did wrong?

Does Legal = Moral?

In some counties, this could be land the farmer in jail (if the authorities were notified). Or, in some countries, such as Canada, it’s legal to kill your own pet, because they are classified as personal property. But, if it’s legal, does it make it morally right? That’s the big question surrounding the hot topic of abortion.
Although statistics can be skewed, many suggest that as many as 1-2 babies (if not 2-4!), out of every 10 pregnancies, are ended by a decided abortion. This does not include natural abortions or miscarriages that the mother has no control over.
I understand where women are coming from when they say “my body, my choice”. Pregnancy is difficult, and it takes up time, resources, energy, and lots of effort to give birth. Not to mention the extra money needed for prenatal vitamins, check ups, and healthy foods to nourish the baby. That doesn’t even include the time, money, resources, and energy to raise the child. But at the same time, that isn’t their life to decide to end. That is a human being that the woman decided to create. Rape is a different case for a different discussion. She decided to have sex. She decided to have sex, knowing that sometimes sufficient protection (condom, birth control, etc) isn’t always enough. The biological outcome for sex is a baby. That’s what a woman’s body is meant to produce as a result of sex. The baby should not be punished for her incompetence. Abortion should not be a form of family planning/birth control. Society is not shaming her for having sex, or punishing her for having sex by forcing her to keep the baby. That was her decision, and a baby is the outcome. She isn’t forced to keep her baby and she can always take her baby to adoption services where someone who is struggling to have a baby, can, and gladly will.

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I know what your next argument is- “What if no one adopts the baby? That baby will grow up without a family!” And “there’s already plenty of unadopted babies in the world!”.

True, there are a lot of children in America that need a forever home. But, for every one child under a year old that enters foster/adoption services, there are thirty seven couples waiting to adopt. Thirty seven to one! Why do children age out of the system then? Because many couples (or singles) looking to adopt, don’t wish to adopt pre teen or teenage children. Giving your baby up for adoption does not affect a teen’s chances for adoption. There are just fewer people who want to adopt this age group. It’s heart breaking, but true. So you cannot truthfully say that the child won’t be adopted.

Another argument many pro-choice people push, is “if you don’t allow abortion clinics to operate, women will turn to other means of removing the baby!”

All I have in response to that, is meet these beautiful, successful people who are the product of a failed abortion. Some of them are disabled due to the abortion attempt, but ALL of them are grateful to have survived.

Teen Break’s Abortion Survivors



Why would abortion be considered ‘wrong’?

1) It’s emotionally toxic to the mother. Not only is abortion more dangerous than pregnancy itself- but mothers who abort their baby (or babies) are 154% more likely to commit suicide within 5 years of the abortion.

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2) Babies are protected under federal law, except when it comes to abortion. This makes laws inconsistent & the system even more flawed than what it already is. Federal law prohibits the death penalty for pregnant women until they give birth. (18 USCA S.6396). The law plainly states that an innocent unborn PERSON cannot be sentenced and put to the death for a crime he or she did not commit. Seems really obvious when you put it like that, right?

3) Selective abortion is discriminatory. Women of a minority are more likely to have an abortion performed than her majority race counterparts. For example, Blacks make up 13% of the United States population. But, 37% of all abortions in the U.S., are performed on Black women. Not only this, but the largest seller of abortions (planned parenthood) is based 80% in minority neighborhoods.

4) It’s murder, and the babies can feel pain. By the age of 8 weeks, babies have developed (and can flex) their spines. This strongly suggests that they have developed nerve endings, meaning they can experience pain. It’s disturbing to even watch, let alone inflict onto a baby. Dr. Nathanson, an early proponent of abortion, became an anti-abortion/pro-life campaigner after he experienced babies around the age of twelve weeks opening their mouths to scream and trying to move away from the instruments that Dr. Nathanson was using.

5) Abortion sends the message that human life is not important, and replaceable. Did you know that 50% of women who have an abortion, will have at least one more abortion in her life?! Oftentimes, men and women argue for the sake of the pro-choice argument, that the woman isn’t ready yet, but she can always have a baby later on, that she will better equipped to care for. What message is that sending? People are willing to kill a baby they have now, just to have another later. Meanwhile, other women are spending almost every dollar they have saved in efforts to adopt a newborn, that there aren’t enough of to meet the demands of people looking to adopt!

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How would Abortion be beneficial to anyone? 

1) According to Freakonomics, when Abortion rates are up in an area, the crime rates will significantly drop 16-20 years later.

2) Many can make the argument that unprepared parents make for bad parents- which leads to higher rates of poverty, drug use, crime, and then even more unprepared pregnancies. Abortion can possibly end this vicious cycle.

3) Fewer births leads to a smaller population growth, which can be beneficial to the environment.

4) Abortion improves the gene pool, sort of. By eliminating a disabled person (and therefore, removing the option to reproduce), the gene pool is improved.

What are your opinions? Is abortion ever the right option? Should you “drown your puppies” to spare yourself time, energy & money? Or should you take your unclaimed puppies to the local shelter? What are some solutions to educate people and to prevent abortions? Is there a certain time frame that abortions are okay?And what are your personal stories when it comes to abortions & adoptions? Be nice to one another in the comments section, and be sure to look at this with an open mind.

As always, thank you for reading!

EDIT: I didn’t touch up on cases where the mother’s life is in danger. I fully believe that if her life is threatened, her life should take priority, but that decision is ultimately up to her and her family.

It’s also important to note that I’m not advocating for punishing women who decide to have abortions, or for making abortions illegal. I would love to see the government cease funding to Planned Parenthood if they continue to perform abortions; If PP ceases to perform abortions then I have no issue with our tax dollars assisting the organization. Women who have had abortions were clearly in a difficult time in their lives, and should be shown love and acceptance.