An Open Letter to the Blue Counties

Agriculture Sarah's Thoughts

Dear Blue County,

It’s me, a Red, from a Red County. I’m from rural America, and many of you have labeled us as ‘uneducated’. If you already see our integrity, you can overlook this letter. Thank you for not stuffing myself or my counterparts, into a stereotype.

I’m here because I want you to understand that this country is not composed of just you, your beloved city, and the others like it. There’s life in between your massive cities, and we aren’t as uneducated as you think.

First, I’d like to address the elephant (and the donkey) in the room.  As our latest presidential election blatantly revealed, there is a correlation between where you live, and how you vote. The denser the population, the bluer the county. This election was less about politics, and more about rural versus urban living. This is my explanation as to why this is. If you don’t care, please skip the following paragraph.

      Careers you find in large cities are typically not essential to survival (notice that I said typically, there are exceptions). They’re about making a profit and meeting consumer’s wants, not needs. Blue people are less likely to deal with the primal necessities that we need to sustain life (this I’ll explain below). Necessities seem to be more of a right, than a privilege, to urban Americans. Since basic necessities seem to be a given, people have the ability to think more, and feel the need to share the wealth that appear to be in excess, and readily available. Hence, we have liberal, charitable, “spread the wealth” mindsets. Rural people on the other hand, do more manual, labor intensive work. They deal with the essentials everyday, and understand that everything is finite. There is only so much food, there is limited currency, and there are limited products and services. Every dollar that is earned, was earned because you traded your time, to provide for others. Because of the rural concept of finite resources, conservative mindsets are nurtured. Red people build up the supply of resources, and blue people take out of it, to share it with those in need.

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Now, if you really believe that this great red expanse of rural Americans is truly uneducated, let me make something clear. We can survive without you. Sure, we would miss out on large media networks, hipster food, sports, and trendy art, but we would still live, and live well.

Do you know why there’s fewer of us per square mile? It’s because we have farmers. Instead of population heavy housing, we have acres upon acres of agriculture, horticulture, and livestock ranching. We aren’t uneducated, we’re working our hardest to do the most with the land we have, because currently, the population is growing faster than we can grow food. We need to breed and genetically engineer our crops for a bigger harvest, that is no task for the uneducated, and frankly, if it weren’t for us and our understanding of science and technology, we’d already be short on food. But we’re not, and you can thank a farmer for that.

Do you know where the blue collar people get our hands dirty? In factories, where we build and assemble essentially everything you could ever need or want. We also work as coal miners, and pipe liners. We harvest and transport the natural resources, oils and fuels you need.

Do you know who transports what pipe lines can’t? Railway conductors and truck drivers. Without us, nothing you need would ever reach you or your city.

Do you know why our country is secure, strong, and able to provide for others? It’s because of our people who selflessly sign themselves up for a living hell, to protect and to defend the Constitution and us, the American people.

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We may come across as crass, uneducated, and mislead. Many of us aren’t well spoken. We aren’t dressed in season. We’re deemed simple because we’re happy to come second to a God, who we love unconditionally. We may seem like little nobodies whom you fly over. We’re not. We’re the reason why you can live your city lifestyle. You need us more than we need you. So unless you want to roll your sleeves up and get dirty with the rest of us, appreciate what you do, and don’t bite the hand that feeds you..

I truly hope that we can establish a better relationship, and better understandings of one another, in the coming years. Thank you for listening to me.